Atlantic Water Gardens

Atlantic Water Gardens - Half Rain Barrel (55 Gallon)

The 55 Gallon Half Rain Barrel from Atlantic Water Gardens is a sturdy, durable and attractive addition to your Rain Harvesting System. Atlantic Water Garden's all new Rain Barrels are perfect for those who want to store rainwater without the trouble of excavating a below-ground basin.

The 55 Gallon Rain Barrel fits nicely alongside your house and makes storing and accessing rainwater easier than ever.

    55 Gallon Rain Barrel Details:
    • Model: RHRB055
    • Capacity: 55 Gallons
    • Inlet: 4" pipe (top) / (2) ¾" FIPT (side)
    • Outlet: ¾" FIPT
    • Dimensions: 16"W x 29"D x 44"H


    Rain Harvesting Instruction Manual


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