Adya Gravity Fed Water Filtration Unit W/ 32oz. Adya Clarity Solution

  • Adya Gravity Fed Water Filtration Unit

    Providing clean, safe drinking water for you and your family is a priority and Adya's Gravity Fed Water Filtration System is one of the most beneficial solutions you can possess in your own home.

    The gravity fed water filtration from Adya Water is free-standing and does not require electricity.

    It includes a .2 micron ceramic filter, a multi-level filter of raw earth including activated carbon and zeolites for advanced filtration at it's best.

    This system also includes two (2) 16 ounce bottles of Adya Clarity (retail value of $165)

    When fully assembled the system stands at 23.5 inches tall and 13 inches at the base.

    When this gravity filtration system is used in conjunction with Adya Clarity the result is a clean water source that tastes like is it is coming directly from fresh, mountain spring water.

    Combine the technology of this powerful filtration unit with the power of Adya's mineral solutions and create living, oxygenated, fresh tasting mineral water.

    Disposable Plastic Water Bottles are a Waste

    For most of us in the United States our only choice for mountain spring water comes from the plastic bottled water we find in grocery stores, vending machines, and convenience stores.

    However, we do have a choice to decrease and eliminate plastic bottles, from our oceans, waterways and landfills. By choosing to provide clean drinking water in your own home and opting for re-usable glass, steel, and bpa-free bottles; we help ourselves, and the environment.

    Clean Water at Home

    How can you create natural, mountain spring water in your home?

    Adya's powerful gravity-fed water filtration system when incorporated with Adya's mineral solutions balances the composition of your water as only nature can.