Aquverse A6000 Bottled Water Cooler | Water Dispenser

  • Aquverse A6000 Bottled Water Cooler | Water Dispenser


    Save Money Spent On Bottled Water With Your Own High Quality Designed Aquverse A6000 Water Cooler/Dispenser For Home or Office.

    Aquverse presents a water cooler/dispenser with true commercial-grade construction and a classic, contemporary design.

    The Aquverse Commercial Grade series consists of a heavy-duty framework and internal hardware of a high end cooler without the high cost.

    Designed to withstand years of abuse and heavy traffic, they also have a

    Presented with a contemporary design that blends elegantly into any home or office décor,

    So quiet you won't even know it's running.

    The Aquverse 6000:
    • Dispenses refreshingly chilled drinking water.
    • Dispenses hot water for instant coffee, cereal, noodles, and tea with a child-proof safety faucet.
    • Comes with an impact-resistant, heavy gauge HDPE outer plastic shell that makes cleaning simple.