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Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered™ 3 Stage Under-the-Sink Filter System

Clearly Filtered offers another revolutionary water filtration system that will provide clean contaminate-free water directly from your faucet!  The new 3-Stage Under-the-Sink Filter System can be installed conveniently beneath your kitchen sink and connected to your cold water line.  Clearly Filtered has been dedicated for years to designing their most advanced filter option!
The 3-Stage Under-the-Sink Filter System can be easily installed without a plumber and will provide you and your family with clean water for months to come.

  • Unprecedented 99.9% Fluoride removal
  • Clearly Filtered's proprietary custom-made filters offer 3 stages of protection from common tap water contaminants
  • Filter sets last an average of 1 year
  • Leak-proof filter heads have built-in shut off valves which make changing filters a twist (no tools needed)
  • Entire unit installs in less than 15 minutes with simple household tools and no need for a plumber
  • Replacement filters cost $399.95
  • Size:  16.75"H, 13.75"W, 3.25"D
  • Weight:  6.8 LBS (without water)
  • Filter
  • LongevityApproximately 1 year
  • MaterialsCoconut-Carbon base filter system housed in a powder-coated steel casing
  • ConnectivityCompatible with any 3/8" standard cold water line