Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered™ Bottle Replacement Filter

  • Clearly Filtered™ Bottle Replacement Filter


    The Bottle Filter is now updated with Affinity Filtration Technology! It is a unique filter formulation allows for the most robust tap water filtration on the market. Simply screw the filter onto your existing cap/straw and filter any tap water as you suck through your straw.

    It will remove up to 99.99% of most chemicals and contaminants including Lead, Mercury, Herbicides, Pesticides (including Glyphosate - the cancer-causing chemical in Round-Up), and up to 99% of Fluoride.

    It remains compatible with all Clearly Filtered Bottles so if you're stainless steel bottle or insulated filter bottle is still going strong its time to upgrade and add the new Clearly Filtered™ Bottle Replacement Filter.

    If it's BLUE it's NEW!

    This does not include stainless steel bottle or assembly.