Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered™ Water Pitcher + Filter 3-Pack Combo

  • NEW and IMPROVED Clean Water Pitcher Has  Arrived!

    COMBO INCLUDES: 1 Water Pitcher + 1 Water Pitcher Filter + 3 Additional Water Pitcher Filters ($225 value)

    Stock up with back up filters so you are never left without clean filtered water.

    The Clearly Filtered™ Filtered Water Pitcher does more to filter water than retail over the counter brands.  It removes Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Chromium 6, Fluoride, Arsenic, Pesticides & Insecticides, Harmful Chemicals and More!

    The PATENTED ANTI-FLUORIDE TECHNOLOGY filters out 90.00% Fluoride, 99.99% Chlorine and removes more than 96% of Chromium 6 as well as other contaminants.

    With the most advanced filtration technology available the Clearly Filtered™ Filtered Water Pitcher provides convenient access to cold filtered water that you store in your fridge.  Just fill up, let the water filter and pour! 

    Provide Clean Drinking Water For The Entire Family!

    • Removes up to 99.99% of over 220 tap water contaminants including: Lead, Fluoride, Pesticides, Herbicides, Hormones & Pharmaceuticals while maintaining healthy minerals and nutrients
    • 100% BPA-free medical-grade Tritan
    • Average filter life: 100 gallons (depending on water quality)
    • 64oz or 1/2 gallon (1.9 liters)
    • Replace filter every 6 months or when flow becomes restricted.


    Made from 100% BPA free, non-leaching Tritan plastic.

    Clearly Filtered's patented filter removes up to 99.99% of all Freshwater contaminants.

    Contaminants Removed:

    • Fluoride (up to 90%)
    • Chlorine
    • Heavy Metals: Lead, Mercury, Aluminum
    • Nitrates / Nitrites
    • Chromium VI
    • Arsenic

    + More!

    *Clearly Filtered™ Filters are NOT intended to reduce TDS, using a TDS meter is not an accurate representation of water quality. High TDS readings can include healthy minerals and do not indicate poor water quality.
    • Great For Everyday Use – Removes Chlorine & Heavy Metals from Tap water
    • Great For Saving Money – Will save you hundreds of dollars by replacing overpriced bottled water Filters typically last the average user 100 gallons (or 6 months use).

    **Flow will improve once filter is broken in**

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