Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered™ Fixed Filtered Shower Head

  • Clearly Filtered™ Fixed Filtered Shower Head

    You can prevent the harmful effects of chlorine in your water and enjoy clean showers without the contaminants or chemicals by using the Clearly Filtered Shower Head.

    It removes harmful contaminants from bathing water.

    So, are you tired of taking showers in highly chlorinated water that dries out your skin?

    Tired of inhaling the strong chlorine smell?

    Try Clearly Filtered's Filtered Shower Head, for a real refreshing clean shower.

    Clearly Filtered's Shower Head filters out up to 95% of Chlorine

    Fits most standard shower fittings.

    Installs in minutes!

    Please Note:

    Shower Head filters should be replaced every 3-4 months depending upon the number of people using the shower.