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Clearly Filtered™ Water Pitcher Replacement 6-Pack

  • Clearly Filtered™ Pitcher Replacement Filter 6-Pack - Affinity Filtration Technology

    The Water Pitcher Replacement Filter is the top-of-the-line water filter on the market. Fully compatible with all Clearly Filtered Water Pitchers, the proprietary Affinity Filtration Technology.

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    Purchase a 6-Pack of the new Gen 2 Clearly Filtered Advanced Pitcher Filters today that will last you a few years! 
    *This set does not include Clearly Filtered™ Water Pitcher
    If needed, purchase new Clearly Filtered™ Pitcher with 1 included Filter here
    • Filter Up to 200 Gallons
    • Save time and money
    • Filters out 99% of Chromium 6, Fluoride, Lead, and much more! 

    Be sure to order your replacement filters here, so that you are always prepared with clean drinking water. 

    Here is our recommended rate of replacement:

    Change every 4-6 months for a single user or any light water users

    Change every 3-4 months for couples or small families or medium water users

    Change every 2-3 months for large families or heavy water users

    *Please note that many of our customers use their filtered water beyond just drinking consumption. Many use it for their pets, for cooking, for water indoor plants, etc. Please factor these circumstances in when choosing you filter replacement rate.

    Warranty Information (90 Day Limited)

    The Clearly Filtered Water Replacement Filter, comes with a limited manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees the product will be free of defect for 90 days after purchase.
    The customer must declare to the company in writing that they believe the product they received is subject to a defect as the direct result of the manufacturing process.
    Damage during transit is not covered under these terms and parcel insurance is not provided unless otherwise requested.
    Returns will be accepted if the company determines that in fact, the product falls within the terms of this warranty. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges involved should this occur.


    We would like to ensure complete customer satisfaction with our products and we will do everything within our power to do so. We offer a 90 day manufacturers warranty.
    If the product is in any way defective due to a manufacturing mistake, please send the product back and we will issue a new one or a complete refund (whichever you choose). Because of the nature of these products, we do not take back items due to misuse, product dissatisfaction, or any other circumstance not relating to manufacturing defects.

    Company as Distributor: 

    Clean Water Mill is a distributor for Clearly Filtered, Inc. and Revolve Water Filtration LLC, and thereby all questions pertaining to the veracity of the filtration technology should be directed to the manufacturer.

    Improper Use:

    If there is any evidence to suggest that the customer has improperly used the product in any way, the product will no longer be eligible for return, refund or exchange.


    If the product received is other than the product ordered, customers are entitled to an exchange at the company’s expense. Only unused products in their original packaging may be eligible for an exchange.