Clearly Filtered

Clearly Filtered™ Water Tower - Ultimate Water Dispenser

  • Clearly Filtered™ Water Tower

    Designed to remove up to 99.99% of all contaminants, the Clearly Filtered Water Tower is the most advanced filtered water cooler in the world. All filters are replaceable and tested to the highest industry standards. All of our American-built filters are tested to levels that exceed NSF Standards for contaminant reduction.

    The clean design and small footprint allow for an easy install in nearly any space. Because the system uses unique filtration, the unit does not waste any water like Reverse Osmosis systems. Filters remove over 220 chemicals, toxins and metals all while maintaining the healthy and beneficial nutrients and minerals.

    Upgrade your existing water cooler or add a one-of-a-kind water filtration tower to your space and provide access to clean and safe water, sustainably.