Atlantic™ Eco-Blox for Rain Harvesting

  • Atlantic™ Eco-Blox for Rain Harvesting

    Atlantic’s proprietary Eco-Blox water matrix saves you time and money on all your rainwater harvesting, stormwater management and pond-free installations. With 96% void space, Eco-Blox reservoirs store large volumes of water easily and economically. Underground and out of sight, their enormous strength allows for landscaping right over the reservoir.

    Eco-Blox water matrices still hold 31.5 gallons of water but support even greater loads this year, with an all-new formulation that increases flexibility and ease of assembly even under the most adverse conditions, and provides greater comprehensive and point load strength for a lifetime of dependable service!


      • Model: ECOBLOX
      • Capacity: 31½
      • Application: Pond-free / Fountain / Rain Harvesting
      • Dimensions: 27"L x 16"W x 17½"H


      Eco-Blox Assembly Manual