EcoloBlue 30X Atmospheric Water Generator

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COMING SOON!!  Access pure water out of thin air!  Now at a fraction of the cost with the more affordable EcoloBlue 30X Atmospheric Water Generator  This model will soon be available for the homes of average consumers and small offices.  

There is no need for a water line or cumbersome bottles.  Although, you do have an option to connect.  The important factor is that this water dispenser produces water from the humidity in the air and filters it using advanced filtration filters!  

The EcoloBlue Model 30X is a residential/office unit and with this model just a push of a button will provide you with the same advanced filtration of its predecessors with an 11-Stage Water-From-Air Filtration System. 

The EB30X is equipped with an 11-stage Water-From-Air Filtration System that includes 5 filters and 2 UV lamps: 
 Sediment Filter Pre-Carbon Filter Mineral Filter Reverse Osmosis Filter Post Carbon Filter Top Tank UV Lamp Inline UV Lamp Bottom Tank UV Lamp


EcoloBlue 30X Maximum Efficiency Atmospheric Water Generator


  • Dimensions:  Height: 44 in. x Width:  17 in. x Depth:  18 in.
  • Area Covered:  2.15 ft.²
  • Weight:  130 lbs.
  • Power Supply:  120v/60hz or International (Available Upon Request)
  • Rated Input Power:  925 W
  • Compressor Power:  420 W
  • Energy Consumption:  1.14 kw/gal
  • Diesel Generator Power:   1.5 kw
  • Diesel Generator Consumption:   01.06 Gal/day
  • Working Conditions Temperature:  32° - 113° F
  • Product Capacity:  8 Gal/ Day (86° F / 80% H.R )
  • Working Conditions Humidity:  35% - 90%
  • Pure Water Storage Capacity:  5 Gal
  • Original Water Storage Capacity:  0.5 Gal
  • Water Capacity when using City Water:  2.1 Gal/hr
  • Refrigerant:  R134a
  • Noise Level:  45 dB
  • Cooling:  39° F ~ 50° F
  • Heating:  167° F ~ 203° F
  • Life Span:  10 years
  • Warranty:  1 Year
Clean Water Mill is an Authorized Distributor of EcoloBlue Products

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