Lifesaver Jerrycan Shower Attachment

  • Lifesaver Jerrycan Shower Attachment

    Attach a shower attachment to your Lifesaver Jerrycan for optimal use of your Lifesaver jerrycan. When the shower attachment is connected it allows a faster water flow rate which makes makes washing and showering easy.

    You can wash with sterile, clean water directly from the Lifesaver jerrycan! 

    The LIFESAVER jerrycan features a powerful flow rate of water, up to 3 litres / 101 US oz per minute.

    10,000 litres / 2641 gallons of sterile water also provides a safe way to wash cuts and open wounds without worrying about potentially unclean sources of water.

    LIFESAVER International Warranty

    The LIFESAVER Jerrycan 20000UF comes with a 2 year International warranty when purchased directly from LIFESAVER systems ltd or from an authorized LIFESAVER reseller.

    Avoid purchasing LIFESAVER products from any other supplier. LIFESAVER products sold from alternative suppliers can be defective, used, expired or unfit for use, and as such, will not be covered under LIFESAVER system ltd manufacturer's warranty.

    Clean Water Mill is an Authorized Reseller of LIFESAVER products.