Lifesaver® Liberty™ Advanced Water Filtration Bottle Starter Pack

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Liberty Orange
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Metallic Rose Gold
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  • Lifesaver® Liberty™ Starter Pack

    The LifeSaver® Liberty™ Starter Pack contains the LifeSaver Liberty™ Bottle, including its 2,000L filter, Carbon Disc and Scavenger Hose as standard, as well as an additional 3x Carbon Discs and a Protective Silicone Sleeve.

    With these additional items, the starter pack saves you 15% while giving you everything you need to produce clean drinking water in the most demanding of outdoor environments.

    New Lifesaver Liberty Advanced Water Filtration Bottle

    The Lifesaver® Liberty™ is a portable water filter bottle equipped with an inline pump and it is the first of it's kind to combine the two functions into one.

    It uses the same advanced filtration technology of the original Lifesaver bottle, but has been designed in a smaller form.

    The Lifesaver® Liberty™ water filtration bottle is small, lightweight, and perfect for outdoor enthusiasts or for anyone who requires a dependable source of clean drinking water.