ProOne® 7" G2.0 Slimline Filter Elements Single or Pair


  • ProOne® 7" G2.0 Slimline Filter Elements Single or Pair

    Looking for a more portable filtration solution? Our slightly more compact Prepper Series of Gravity Fed Filtration Systems are just what you need.

    ProOne® G2.0 Slimline filters are all designed for emergency preparedness or every day use. They are compatible with all Propur Systems but are intended mostly for use with the

    Prepper Scout, Prepper Traveler, Prepper Big, Prepper Nomad and Prepper King Filtration systems.

    ProOne® G2.0 Slimline filters can be used to filter water from almost any water source such as lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, rain, and tap water.

    Available In The Following Sizes: 

    - ProOne® 5" G2.0 Slimline for Scout and Prepper Traveler -- Recommended replacement: up to 6 months per filter.

    - ProOne® 7" G2.0 Slimline for Prepper Nomad and Prepper Big -- Recommended replacement: up to 8 months per pair.

    - ProOne® 9" G2.0 Slimline for Prepper King-- Recommended replacement: up to 12 months per pair.

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    Available Lab Reports:

    NSF-42 &53 Test Report (Now includes radiologicals)

    P231 Test Report

    Microcystin Test Report

    Mineral Report