Propur® ProSoft™ Saltless Water Softener - Conditioner

  • Propur® ProSoft™ Saltless Softener/Conditioner

    Propur® ProSoft Saltless Softener

    Do you have hard water? 

    Hard water is water which contains a high mineral content consisting of dissolved compounds of mostly calcium and magnesium. Hard water, or hardness, typically prevents soap from lathering and can cause a buildup of scale in pipes and water outlet appliances and fixtures such as water heaters, washing machines and dishwashers and effect their performance.Other examples of scale include a white cloudy coating often found on the surface of dishes and glassware.

    Propur® ProSoft™ Data Comparison Chart

    Why do I need a softener/conditioner?

    Protect your home’s plumbing from the adverse effects of scale buildup and prolong their life and performance with the new ProSoft™ Saltless Softener from Propur®. A revolutionary concept in scale prevention designed to work in conjunction with the Propur® HOME system. A excellent saltless alternative to conventional ion exchange based water softeners, reverse osmosis or salt or chemical based systems. Cost effective and environmentally friendly without the use of salt - no need to lug heavy bags of salt around . Helps condition water and prevent scaling by neturalizing magnesium and calcium rather than removing. The neutralizing process converts magnesium and calcium into micro-crystals and allows these beneficial minerals to pass through your pipes and household water outlet appliances without sticking to them.


    Propur® Home and ProSoft™ Installation Diagram - See PDF file