Atlantic™ Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater

  • Atlantic ™ Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater

    The Rain Harvesting Leaf Eater can be added to your downspout to ensure that no debris enters your basin. Easy to install, with a stainless steel mosquito-proof screen and pivoting outlet for either rear or bottom discharge, the Leaf Eater is both simple and effective.

    User-friendly construction makes the Downspout Diverter a breeze to install and just as easy to use, the perfect ‘green’ product for anyone looking to conserve and re-use rainwater. 


    Collects water from downspouts

    Leaf Eater rain head deflects leaves and debris

    Downspout Diverter automatically flushes away contaminants in the initial surge of runoff

    Includes stainless steel mosquito-proof screen

    Easy to install

    Can be mounted at any height for easy maintenance

    Works automatically once installed

    Can be switched off in winter months

    Connects to majority of hose sizes


    Rain Harvesting Instruction Manual


    Clean Rain Downspout Diverter FAQ's



    Model: RHCRU

    Inlet/Outlet: 2" x 3" and 3" x 4" downspout - 3" and 4" Sch 40

    Diverter Outlet: Garden hose, flex pipe and 3" Sch 40

    Dimensions: 8¼"L x 9"W x 31"H

      • Compact, versatile rain head is easy to install
      • Prevents debris from entering the basin
      • Outlet pivots for rear or bottom discharge
      • Includes stainless steel mosquito-proof screen


      • Model: RHLE
      • Description: Leaf Eater
      • Outlet: 3" Sch 40
      • Dimensions: 7½"L x 6½"W x 9½"H