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About Us

Clean Water Mill is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, and began this online venture in the summer of 2014.

We are outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who love hiking, biking, surfing, paddle boarding and even snowboarding!  These activities are the passions that motivate us to promote a healthy lifestyle.  We want to share helpful information that we learn on our journey with you and our customers.  

During our trips with fellow travelers we noticed many of us, out of convenience, were using disposable plastic bottles. Although these plastic bottles are recyclable, in third world countries the bottles most likely end up in nearby landfills or waterways and not recycled. 

Being more conscious and responsible about how we affect our environment has become another priority and we hope to make others aware of the impact we have on our environment.  

As the population in general becomes more educated on the importance of recycling, re-using and the health benefits of drinking clean filtered water, the more the demand will increase for an alternative.

New filtration bottles and filtration devices are readily available to meet these needs.  But many leading edge manufacturers are lesser known.

There are new water filtration devices that are portable enough for hikers to carry in their pockets and other devices scaleable enough to provide clean drinking water for impoverished villages or to aid victims of natural disasters.

In addition,

We aim to be involved and become a reliable source for worldwide charities and organizations endorsing them for their work and research. 

Clean Water Mill  provides a convenient online retail space to find and compare the latest in innovative technologies for water filtration and dispensing.

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Clean Water. Clear Conscience.
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