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  • We began this online venture with in the summer of 2014.
  • Most recently in 2016, our sister site was launched and is the latest installment of online retail stores owned by OA Commerce.
  • Located near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we strive to serve our customers as well as potential customers, with their inquiries.

Finding and providing the most advanced systems for water filtration is one our main priorities. We work with manufacturers who are leaders in water filtration technology for the home.

Having clean drinking water is important to us and our families, and we strive to offer a variety of options for you in one place. By doing this, your search for the filtration devices that meet your family's needs can easily be completed on one site.

Our Motivation

We are passionate about promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and sharing our experience whenever possible, especially through our work and the services we provide.

In our spare time, we are also travelers, photographers, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who enjoy a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, trekking, paddleboarding and even snowboarding!

These passions spill over into our work life, which sparks our creativity and inspiration. When it comes to home & garden designs we are always consciously searching for new ideas and innovations that will enhance your life at home, when you are home.


First, I want to thank the owner and staff. They put the fountain together basically. It exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Ryan R

Can't wait to set it up! Thank you for working with us!

Jamey R

This water purifier has taken away the chemical taste from our city water. It was a good investment and I feel safer that my water is not contaminated

Katherine R