Why Choose the ProMax FS10?

ProMax Filter Technology ProMax FS10 Full Spectrum Filtration Under-Counter System

See What Makes ProMax™ Full Spectrum™ So Special.

If you’re looking for the optimum filtered water on demand, look to ProOne's INLINE CONNECT FS10 with the most advanced water filter technology - ProMax™ Full Spectrum™. The FS10 is designed for pressurized applications connecting to your faucet, under counter or inline with your cold water supply.


Here’s what’s important to know about the ProMax™ Full Spectrum™ FS10 filter and why it outperforms competing technologies. Hybrid in design, the FS10 is comprised of electro adsorptive non-woven technology, multiple layers of infused microstructure media and granular activated carbon, combined in a unique and proprietary formulation for Full Spectrum™ contaminant reduction.


The FS10 has been independently tested by a certified lab to NSF/ANSI 42, 53, P231 and 401 standards for over 220+ contaminants.


How can ProOne® ProMax™ FS10 achieve such great results?

1. The ProMax™ Full Spectrum™ FS10 filter utilizes advanced fluid dynamics to move water through the filter element in the most efficient and effective way


2. Contaminant reduction for the FS10 is based on adsorption, a surface based process. Surface chemistry, and more specifically the readily available surface area, is considered to be one of the most important factors in the adsorption of contaminants.


The chart below shows the most common types of water filtration adsorption media including ProOne’s unique ProMax™ and ProMax™ Full Spectrum™ comparing particle size to surface area. The chart further shows as the particle size decreases, the surface area increases exponentially. The greater the surface area, the higher potential volume of water that can impact the media for contaminant reduction. The ProMax™ FS10 Full Spectrum™ consists of the most efficient size particles with the highest surface area - the exclusive ProMax™ Full Spectrum™ advantage.
ProMax Full Spectrum Chart
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