Thinktank Composting Toilet

Color: White


  • Brand New Composting Toilet solves major problems with existing compost toilets.
  • Airtight with separate air intake and exhaust pipes. No loss of heated or cooled air. No insects!
  • Men can stand when using!
  • Very easy to clean. No bowl to get messy. Waste is contained in compostable bag.
  • Easy to use. Never need to add peat moss or turn a handle.

Details: The Thinktank Composting Toilet from Thinktank Manufacturing Ltd. is a new waterless, urine diverting toilet. It significantly improves upon existing technology, overcome problems, and makes the management of human waste simpler and easier. The innovative, unique, and patented (USA and Canada) design represents a major improvement over existing toilets, in our opinion. These advantages include: 1) No peat moss required. Much cleaner and easier to empty than toilets requiring peat moss. 2) The toilet is virtually airtight under normal operating conditions, with a fresh air intake and exhaust vent. Expensively heated or cooled air is NOT being exhausted outside, as with other toilets. It is therefore much cheaper to operate. 3) Men can stand when using! With most other waterless and composting toilets men must sit. 4) The Thinktank is easier to keep clean because the opening for solid waste is huge, with vertical sides. Waste falls where it belongs without making a mess in a bowl, as with many other toilets. 5) The Thinktank is not affected by other fans. Kitchen or bathroom fans can overpower some other toilets, resulting in stinky air being drawn out of the toilet into the bathroom. Since the Thinktank is airtight, this cannot happen. Perfect for today's tightly sealed buildings. 6) No insects can get in the toilet. Other toilets can have problems with insects entering the toilet from the bathroom area, since the toilet is not sealed. It is very difficult for insects to enter the tightly sealed Thinktank Toilet. 7) Extremely strong and almost bullet proof construction. Suitable for large people over 350 lbs. 8) Uses the best fans available, with exceptionally long life (150,000 hours estimated), high power and quiet operation. This makes longer vent pipe runs possible. 9) Best warranty in the industry. 6 year, rock solid warranty on toilet. 3 years on fans. 10) Made in Canada.

EAN: 0691959733387

Package Dimensions: 25.7 x 22.5 x 21.8 inches

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