UV Light HVAC Air Purifier and Sanitizer for Central Heating and Air Conditioning Units with Airflow Sensor

Brand: HVAC Premium

Color: Uv Light


  • HVAC Air Purifier - Great for use in the kitchen to bring you clean and sanitized air. Can also be used in gyms, hospitals, labs, and general commercial/office spaces for air sterilization.
  • Makes sure your HVAC System air is clean and free of any virus or bacteria.
  • Powder coated color finish as per RAL color standard color: RAL9016 & 9010 - Natural Anodized Finish
  • Frame: High quality Extruded Aluminum Alloy (A6063) profile with 27.5mm flange width core: High quality Extruded Aluminum Alloy (A6063) profile in 38.4 degree UV Sterilizer: PVC and Quartz, Switch + Touch adjustment remote control

Part Number: UVD-24-8

Details: The frame blades are high quality extruded aluminum profiled construction with advantages of corrosion resistance and rigidity.Louvered type core is fixed to the frame with aluminum pins loaded with steel springs. Core can be easily removable and interchangeable to allow for maximum flexibility in the installation, maintenance and damper adjustment.Ultraviolet disinfection lamps sterilize in the UVC band of 254nm rays. For the resonance line of mercury is 2537A, the 254nm ultraviolet light generated by the germicidal lamp denatures the DNA and RNAV of the bacteria, and the bacteria cannot reproduce.Ultraviolet sterilization is effective against any bacteria or viruses. Large doses of UV rays can kill them in a short time. It belongs to physical sterilization, unlike chemical agents that will have residues. The whole process

EAN: 0810035427044

Package Dimensions: 26.0 x 26.0 x 14.0 inches

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