Dr. Squatch Men's Cologne and Natural Bar Soap - Fireside Bourbon Natural Cologne and Wood Barrel Bourbon and Bay Rum Men's Bar Soap - Smell like spices, bourbon, and oak - Natural Cologne for men

Brand: Dr. Squatch


  • RICH AND WARM - Our Wood Barrel Bourbon and Bay Rum Bar Soaps and Fireside Bourbon cologne will get you clean and leave you smelling rich,woodsy, and warm, just like a Squatch Man should!
  • SCENTS THAT LAST ALL DAY - Our cologne is designed to be long lasting and will have you feeling like a man and smelling like a champion all day long!
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED - Made with upcycled ingredients like Cedarwood Virginia, Geranium, and Patchouli, our cologne is designed to adhere to our mission of using naturally-sourced ingredients!
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS - We made sure when crafting our cologne to exclude any harmful chemicals like phthalates or polyclinic musks!
  • DOC’S NOTES - Hold the bottle 3 to 6 inches away and spray 1-2 times on pulse points (neck, wrists - you get the picture) and get ready to smell like a champion all day (or night) long.

Details: Dr. Squatch cologne is made to have you smelling great all day long. Unlike expensive mass-market brands, we use naturally-sourced ingredients like Cedarwood Virginia rather than harsh chemicals and synthetics that can cause skin irritations and even reproductive issues. Smell like nature intended with our rugged, long-lasting cologne and get ready to smell like a champion all day (and night!) long.Try all of our colognes, including Woodland Pine, Glacial Falls, and Fireside Bourbon, inspired by our classic bar soaps, Pine Tar, Fresh Falls, and Wood Barrel Bourbon!

EAN: 0810095593703

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 3.8 x 3.0 inches

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