ION Alkaline Water Drops pH Booster | 7+ Year Water Storage Treatment & Purification Drops for Drinking | Use All Natural Ingredients

Brand: Ion

Color: Clear


  • 💧 ENJOY WATER ALKALIZED & IONIZED - Drink water at its purest state with our alkaline water drops. This can raise water’s pH level up to 10 while also increasing oxygen for a better taste.
  • 💧 KEEP STORED WATER FRESH - Each bottle of our purifying drops can clean up to two 55-gallon drums of water for 7+ years. Long-term water storage for emergency situations has never been simpler.
  • 💧 POTENT PURIFYING ACTION - Crucial to our product’s strength is our effective formula. This water treatment pH drops uses stabilized oxygen molecules to eliminate impurities and alkalize water.
  • 💧 IDEAL FOR OUTDOOR SITUATIONS - These H2O purification drops make water from streams and wells clean and potable. This makes the product an excellent choice for hikers, campers, and survivalists.
  • 💧 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We stand by the quality of our water alkaline drops. If you weren’t fully satisfied with the product you received, contact us and we will attend to your concerns.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: TREATS UP TO 110 GALLONS of water. Add a bottle of ION to two 55 gallon containers. Now the water will preserve staying fresh and healthy for up to 7 years or more. This is the easy and effective water purification solution for any emergency, natural disaster preparedness, hurricane supplies, power outage and for camping, survival, and prepper supplies. ION STABILIZED WATER DROPS are the ultimate illness remedy. When added to your drinking water or juices, It strengthens your families resistance to illness. Increases oxygen flow to fight sickness that has started or is about to begin. Make it a positive habit to drink several glasses of ION Stabilized water or juice each day. EXCELLENT DAILY BOOSTER this works to improve bodily functions while giving you more energy. Now you can finish your work day strong without feeling sleepy and tired after lunch. Lets you be in the moment for family and friends. You may have better ideas and be able to more easily solve problems. INCREASES PH OF WATER to give you healthful alkaline water. This neutralizes the acid in your body that gives you indigestion, inflammation, makes you feel tired and worn out, and can lead to frequent illness. Add ION to your water to increase the pH for natural alkaline water. Drink daily for continued health Order your bottle today!

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