Propur ProMax™ Inline Connect™ Refrigerator Filter

Propur ProMax™ Inline Connect™ Refrigerator Filter

The PM100-IC Universal inline refrigerator/ice maker water filter is a great solution for providing advanced water filtration through your refrigerator.

New Propur™ Inline Connect™ series universal water filtration system for refrigerator/ice maker.

  • New ProMax™ Filter Technology which removes over 200 contaminants including chlorine, chloramines, Lead, Fluoride, PFOA and more.
  • Helps improve taste and odor.
  • Easy to install.
  • Filter housing is made of BPA FREE plastic.
  • One piece self contained design - no separate filter cartridge to replace.
  • Ideally for refrigerator use the PM100-IC provides the highest level of filtration performance available.

PM100-IC Instruction Booklet

  • Brass compression fittings included
  • Cold water use only
  • Housing dimensions: 13.5" tall x 2.75" diameter
  • ProMaxTM Filter Technology
  • One piece self contained design
  • Includes mounting clip and screw
  • Easy to install
  • Universal fit
  • Fits 1/4" copper or plastic tubing
  • 750 gallon capacity or up 9 months
  • Flow rate is .50 gallons per minute
  •  Maximum pressure – 125 psi
  •  Minimum temperature - 35° F

Propur's Inline Connect Systems are designed for various point-of-use applications including kitchens, bathrooms and refrigerators/ice makers.

They can easily be installed by connecting directly to the kitchen, bathroom, refrigerator, faucet or cold water line and do not require a separate dedicated drinking water tap or faucet.
The Propur Inline Connect™ systems do not require electricity.
The kitchen and bathroom systems feature a “quarter-turn-release” mechanism which shuts off the water supply for easy filter replacement, and the refrigerator system simply unscrews for filter replacement.
  • Filter housings are made from BPA FREE plastic.
  • Come with the ProOne® CB series carbon block filter element for chlorine and chloramine removal. with unparalleled performance for both chlorine and chloramine removal,
  • Also removes VOC’s, lead, reduces fluoride and more.
Filters use a proprietary matrix of activated carbon combined with proprietary Zeolite minerals.
The ProOne® CB is structurally bound with polymers into a highly porous block filter form.
This very unique absorbent will absorb a variety of organic and inorganic substances. It will reduce a wide variety of drinking water contaminants of both aesthetic and health concern.
The dense pore structure and vast surface area is ideally suited to improving taste, odor and color.

The ProOne® CB filter elements are eco-friendly with no costly encapsulated plastic housing to throw away.
    Refund Policy/30 Day Money Back Guarantee                    
    If you are not satisfied with your purchase and are unable to resolve your concern, Propur offers a 30 day money back guarantee to the original purchaser. 
    Customer must return purchase in original packaging with all parts and materials at customers' expense including copy of original receipt showing proof of purchase within 30 days of purchase.
    Shipping is NOT included.
    Purchase must be returned to:
    OA Commerce
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    NO C.O.D. packages are accepted. Upon receipt and inspection of  returned merchandise of its content, Clean Water Mill will issue a refund excluding shipping charges.  Refunds may take 5-10 Business Days to process after product is received. (Depending on Banking Institution)